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Surrey's Leading Fire Shutter Doors!

Roller shutters with added fire protection and added resistance can reduce the spread of fire, giving your team valuable time to escape safely and fire services the chance to contain the fire damage to the smallest part of your property. 

Fire can move through large open spaces like warehouses terrifyingly quickly, so where architecture permits in your Surrey property, it can greatly increase your safety and fire protection, breaking the space up with internal fire doors. Our fire resistant roller shutters are even able to cover large interior or exterior openings too.

Installed with a powered system, allowing the doors to be closed and opened at the touch of a button during day-to-day work, our specialist system also includes an automated trigger that closes the door if the fire alarm sounds, restricting the fire to a single space, limiting the damage it can do and allowing staff more time to escape safely. 

With a simple 13A power supply that is fire rated, and a deep galvanised rail and curtain mechanism, our high quality fire shutter doors are very durable and strong. 

Fire Doors

Our professional and experienced engineers supply and install fire shutter doors at business properties like distribution centres, airports, warehouses, business units and vehicle garages across Surrey, with the features and service including:

Fire Shutter Doors
  • Site survey and expert consultation
  • Doorway preparation, installation and testing
  • Strong galvanised steel curtain and rails
  • 13A single phase powered opening
  • Enhanced fire resistance capability
  • Automated fire response mechanism
  • Wide range of colours and powder coat finish

With the highest quality and safety standards for our installations, we also help our Surrey clients meet their health and safety obligations with bespoke planned maintenance contracts, ensuring that your commercial shutters and doors are fully operational; a service that can also reduce breakdowns and catch repairs, lowering their cost and impact.  

Exceptional fire protected roller shutter door installations in Surrey

Why not enhance the fire protection in your facility and protect people and your Surrey business premises? Our expert installers work across London, Kent and the South East with regular projects across Surrey. 

To arrange for a survey, consultation and quotation on new installations of fire rated roller shutter doors, contact us today and speak to our expert team to learn more.